Term Dates


Term 1 – Tuesday 5th September 2023 until Friday 20th October 2023

Term 2 – Monday 30th October 2023 until Tuesday 19th December 2023 finish at 1pm

Term 3 – Monday 8th January 2024 until Friday 9th February  2024

Term 4 – Monday 19th February 2024 until Thursday 28th March 2024 finish at 11.45am

Term 5 – Monday 15th April 2024 until Friday 24th May 2024

  • closed Monday 6th May (bank hol) and Tuesday 7th May (primary school inset)

Term 6 – Monday 3rd June 2024 – Tuesday 23rd July 2024 finish at 1pm

* To match the primary schools, we always finish at 1pm on the day before the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays.

Our term dates match the term dates for Long Wittenham Primary School. We close on the School’s inset days if they fall at the beginning or end of a term. We close on any polling days, as the village hall is used for voting.

You can get information about the following years’ term dates (excluding INSET days and other closures) from Oxfordshire County Council.