Sessions and Fees


Our fees aim to cover staff wages, hire of the hall, materials, insurance and everyday running costs. We also supplement our income with fundraising. As we are a non-profit organisation, fees must be paid even when your child does not attend for any reason (holidays or illness).

Fees are charged per hour (except for breakfast club and early morning drop off). Fees are payable in advance at the start of each term (6 times a year). We will issue an invoice detailing fees owed. If you have any difficulty in paying fees promptly please talk to one of the team. For full details please see our Fees Policy. 

Breakfast club will only operate when there is sufficient demand, and this is reviewed termly. For terms 5 & 6 2024 Breakfast club will not be running, and so Pre-School will open from 8.45am each day.                                                                                                                          

2023/2024 Fees

From September 2023 our rates will be:

  • £6.75 per hour for unfunded 2 year olds e.g. morning/afternoon sessions are 3 hours long = £20.25, all day sessions are 6 hours long = £40.50
  • £6.25 per hour for unfunded 3 year olds e.g. morning/afternoon sessions are 3 hours long = £18.75, all day sessions are 6 hours long = £37.50.
  • Lunch club is 1 hour (or included as part of the afternoon session if your child is attending a full day) and is £6.75 for unfunded 2 year olds and £6.25 for unfunded 3 year olds. This session needs to be pre-booked.
  • Early morning drop-off is £2.75 for 15 minutes (8.45am until 9am) and this needs to be pre-booked.
  • Breakfast Club is £5.50 for 30 minutes (8.30am until 9am) which includes a healthy breakfast. This session must be pre-booked. Breakfast club can be counted in funded hours for those children receiving funding, although we request that a contribution of 45p per session is made, as under the Government’s funding rules funding cannot be used to cover the cost of food. Breakfast club sessions are run subject to demand.

Snack Contribution

Snack time forms a core part of our daily morning routine and we provide a wide range of healthy snack options for the children to try. To cover the cost of this provision we request that parents pay 45p per morning session attended by their child, and the total for each term is added to each child’s invoice issued at the start of each term. 

Grant for 2 year olds

From April 2024 there are two sets of criteria which can be met for receiving funding. If your child is 2 and you receive means-tested benefits such as income support, jobseeker’s allowance or child tax credit (see 2 year old entitlement application form for full list), or if your family has two working parents, you may be eligible to receive up to 15 hours of free childcare per week. If you are awarded funding, you will continue to receive it up to your child’s 3rd birthday even if your circumstances change. Please speak to the Pre-School manager for details of full criteria and an application form.

Grant for over 3s

Every child is entitled to an Early Years Grant from Oxfordshire County Council the term after their 3rd birthday. Your child is entitled to claim up to 15 hours per week. Extended funding is available to some families increasing the allowance to 30 hours per week. You will not be billed for sessions your child receives a grant for. You can share grants between different providers. If you wish to change your child’s grant allocation at any time you must inform the treasurer in writing. Failure to do this could result in duplicate grants being claimed and Pre-School reserves the right to reclaim any monies from the parents/carers.

Change of Details/ Requirements

Please inform Pre-School if any of your contact details change, particularly mobile numbers.

If you wish to increase your child’s sessions please talk to Sophie and, providing there is space available, your child may start immediately. Please put this in writing (an email is fine). If there are no spaces we will add your child to a waiting list and offer them the first available space.