A little bit about us

We are a thriving pack-away pre-school that caters for young children in Long Wittenham and surrounding villages. We offer children an opportunity to learn through play in a stimulating and nurturing environment.

We first opened in 1970 and operate out of the village hall.  The pre-school can accommodate a maximum of 24 children per session. Each child has a key-worker to ensure that they get the individual attention and the support they need. Our ratios are 1 adult to 4 children (under 3 years old) and 1 adult to 8 children (3-5 years old).

As a pack-away pre-school we are constantly reflecting on and reviewing the learning environment provided for the children. Every day is set up to meet children’s interests as well as aiding their development and fulfilling their next steps on their learning journey. This dynamic environment allows for the children to have a say in how it is set up and where the activities will be.

In the most recent OFSTED Inspection (March 2023) we retained our ‘Good’ status.

“Children are very confident in the familiar surroundings. They develop confidence and self-help skills through the daily routines and the effective support from staff.

Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) receive excellent levels of support. Staff identify their needs and work in partnership with parents and other professionals.

Children’s achievements are celebrated, however small, and shared with parents.”

You can read the inspection report here.

Long Wittenham Pre-School is a registered charity and is managed by a small committee made up of volunteers who are parents and carers. Find out more about the committee here.

Long Wittenham Pre-School is a member of the Early Years Alliance which is a charitable national voluntary organisation promoting the development and education of children under school age.

Our Aims

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Framework and provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child, giving  them the opportunity to:
  • learn through play in a happy, secure and stimulating environment
  • learn to mix with and enjoy the company of other children
  • develop at their own pace
  • grow in self-confidence by participating in a wide range of activities
  • gain independence by being apart from their parents/carers for a time and meeting others from outside the family.