Starting Pre-School

Starting Pre-School can be quite a daunting experience for young children. Some take to it like a duck to water, whilst others need help and time to get settled in. We want your child to look forward, and enjoy coming to Pre-School so we follow a new starters system. This system gradually introduces your child to the Pre-School environment so they start their education feeling happy and settled.

The new starters system is as follows:

  • A few weeks before their start date, children are invited to come and visit us along with their parent/carer for a session. You will stay with your child during this session.
  • Once your child turns 2 they¬†can begin at Pre-School. Due to Covid restrictions it is no longer possible for parents to stay with their child, however we do our best to work with parents to help children to settle as quickly as possible in the setting
  • Once your child is settled in the number of weekly sessions they attend can be increased (space permitting).
Starting Pre-School Holding Hands