Starting Pre-School

Starting Pre-School can be quite a daunting experience for young children. Some take to it like a duck to water, whilst others need help and time to get settled in. We want your child to look forward, and enjoy coming to Pre-School so we follow a new starters system. This system gradually introduces your child to the Pre-School environment so they start their education feeling happy and settled.

The new starters system is as follows:

  • A few weeks before their start date, children are invited to come and visit us along with their parent/carer for a session. You will stay with your child during this session.
  • Once your child turns 2 they can begin at Pre-School. There follows a settling in process where parents/carers are invited to stay with your child until both you and the Pre-School staff are happy that your child is ready to be left. This can take anything from one session to a few weeks. Our main objective is to ensure that your child is happy and contented.
  • Once your child is settled in the number of weekly sessions they attend can be increased (space permitting).
Starting Pre-School Holding Hands