Links with primary school

We have close links with Long Wittenham Primary School, aiding a smooth transition into ‘big’ school.

We are able to use the school playground for some outdoor play on their equipment while the school children are in lessons, so the environment is familiar to most of the Pre-School children — and we get some great outdoor playtime!

Towards the end of Term 5, Pre-School staff take children due to start at the school in September for regular visits to meet their new teacher and spend time in the reception classroom. The Pre-School staff leave the children at the school for short periods, building up to a full morning in the final weeks before the summer holidays. We find that when the children start in September, the classroom and the routine have already become a familiar and comforting environment for them, and they usually settle into school life very quickly.

If your child is due to attend another primary school we will work hard to help make the transition as smooth as we can by linking with the school as much as possible in advance.