A typical day

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Framework. We usually link our activities under a termly theme. Regular activities include music, dance and song, arts and crafts, cooking and cultural celebrations. Alongside our usual session activities we organise regular activities and outings (at least once a term). Recent activities and outings have included visits to lambing and pond dipping at the Earth Trust and visits from Boogie Beats Music and a local police officer.

Arrival and Registration

On arrival, the children are greeted by a member of staff. Once coats and bags are hung up and shoes are changed the children are asked to sit on the mat to wait for the register to be called. We find that this calm and structured start helps all children, particularly the more sensitive ones, to settle into the Pre-School day.

Free play – indoor and out

Once registration is complete and everyone has said hello, the children have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities such as painting, drawing, ICT, jigsaws, role-play settings, sand pit, messy play, story time etc. These regular activities are rotated so that there are always new things for the children to do. The children often play in small groups and move around the different activities as they wish. The benefit of being a pack away Pre-School is that the room looks different every morning. The children love this variety. The children are encouraged to play outside as much as possible. We have a secure outside play area with our own garden planters, sand pit, hopscotch, alphabet snail, basketball hoop and a range of outdoor toys including bikes, scooters and water play equipment. We visit Long Wittenham Primary School at least once a week (weather permitting) to use their playground equipment and often go out for walks around the village and to the local park. We will always give parents / carers as much notice as possible when planning an outdoor activity and will always get consent from you before taking children off the Pre-School premises.

Snack time

Mid-morning is snack time. The children sit around tables and have a drink (milk or water) and a snack. We actively promote healthy eating and our snack menu has been put together by a qualified food nutritionist. Snacks will typically include fruit and/or vegetables along with something like cheese and biscuits, toast, dips etc. A current snack menu is displayed on the Pre-School noticeboard. Please let us know if your child has any special dietary requirements or if you require any allergy information.


Story and song time

Towards the end of the session we come together as a group and either listen to or share stories or sing songs. This brings a calm ending to the session before home time.

Lunch club 12noon-1pm

(part of afternoon sessions or optional extra for children attending morning sessions)
Lunch club is a social time where children and staff sit down together for lunch. Social skills are developed as children are encouraged to talk about their day and learn table manners. This is also a good way for children to get used to eating their own packed lunch in preparation for the move to primary school. Your child should bring a packed lunch (no sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks please).

Afternoon session 12noon-3pm

The afternoon session starts at 12noon in time for lunch. After lunch, the children go outside for a play whilst the hall is re-set with a range of new activities for the children to engage in. We also have key worker time, where the children enjoy one-to-one or small group time. We will often visit the park, play at the school or clear the hall and get the bikes or parachute out. We then settle down on the mat for a story or singing to wind down before home time.