Weekly update – 20 March 2018

Week commencing 16th April 2018

This week

The children have been very enthusiastic to come back to preschool after the Easter Break. We have been very busy as usual exploring lots of exciting activities.

We have been making the most of the beautiful weather this week and encouraged the children to ‘free flow’ between the playroom and garden. This has worked really well. We have had lots of water play which the children always enjoy as well as the sand in the sand pit and mud in the mud kitchen. Of course, all these materials always end up being used together to bring out the imagination of the children through their play.

Superheroes have featured heavily this week with all the children wanting to dress up in capes and masks. We have been colour mixing, making playdough, making wooden enclosures for the wild animals and making pictures using a variety of materials.

We have decided to change the ‘Book of the Week’ to ‘Book of the Term’ so that the children have longer to understand the storyline and will focus in what they see in the illustrations. Understanding how stories are made up with a beginning, middle and end as well as using pictures to tell a story supports Literacy in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Our book this term is…..”The Squirrels who squabbled”

This week we have been promoting ‘healthy eating’ and handing parents guides with ideas on what to put in lunchboxes. Ofsted are actively promoting healthy eating in early years settings and we wish to support this initiative.

We have a number of children in our setting who have an allergy to nuts and egg. Please could we ask that you do not include either of these items in your child’s lunch box. This includes Nutella chocolate spread as well as hard boiled eggs or egg related snacks.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Forest School

We had an amazing time at Forest School and it was great to get out in the beautiful weather for the morning. All the children engaged in their own imaginative roleplay and games. We have decided to create our own café at forest school where the children will be able to serve themselves. As the weather is hopefully improving now we have decided to have milkshake instead of hot chocolate. As you can see there were three flavours to choose from. The children thought it was great to come to the café and Kate serve them with their choice of flavoured milkshake and biscuit.

Next week

We would like to extend the colour mixing activity and take it outside to make a large collage using coloured paint and a variety of materials to mix them with. We are also going to use tubes and pipes to roll the cars down to encourage children to take turns.

Important dates

Monday 23rd April 2018 – Preschool Committee meeting 7.30pm in The Plough (all parents welcome)

Friday 27th April 2018 – Fun Quiz Night Fundraiser

Thursday 17th May 2018 – Children’s sponsored walk with picnic (details to follow)

Thursday 24th May 2018 – Parent’s meetings (discuss progress of your child) Times will be displayed nearer the date.

Friday 25th May 2018 – End of term 5

Weekly Update – 30th March

Week beginning 26th March

This week

This week the children have experienced lots of learning opportunities. They have been moulding with sparkly playdough and blowing bubbles in the garden. The children had a go at playing tennis using a balloon instead of a ball. They had a great time.

We erected the sensory tent in the playroom and the children experimented using torches inside it. The children pretended that the water tray was the ocean and used their imaginations to create stories using the sea creatures and bubbles.

There were some lovely creations being made from the coloured wooden blocks. We had an ‘Easter’ themed activity where there was a selection of plastic eggs, rabbits, chicks, shredded paper, nests and branches of Forsythia. The children spent ages making the branches into a tree and placing the chicks and nests into it.
They hung the shredded paper from the branches as well. There was lots of lovely conversation between the children as they engaged in the activity.

The children really enjoyed listening to our ‘Story of the Week’, ‘Sam’s Super Stinky Socks!’

Forest School

At Forest School the Easter bunny had paid a visit. The children had great fun searching for eggs and chicks in the trees and surrounding wood.

Next week

It’s the Easter break!

Important dates for your diary

Monday 16th April 2018 – Start of term 5
Friday 27th April 2018 – Fun Quiz Night Fundraiser

Weekly update – 23 March

Week commencing 19th March 2018

This week

On Monday afternoon the children went for a walk around the village and we explored the remains of the snow. They had great fun picking it up and watching it melt in their hands as well as throwing it at the staff. The children had a sensory experience exploring cornflakes and using spoons and containers to transport from one place to another.

We made ‘moon dough’ with the children. They explored how it stuck together when squeezed and then fell apart.

The children spent most of the week making amazing creations from boxes, containers and tubes. Using cellotape they fitted them together. As the week progressed the children found alternative things to do with the recycled materials, such as using the boxes to transport lego or animals to other areas of the playroom. We had a bit of technology with the padlocks and keys and nuts and bolts. The children tried very hard to match the correct key with the padlock and then tried to undo it.

At the end of the week we did some observational drawings of flowers. We talked about the colours and shapes of the petals. The children engaged in conversation about what plants need in order to grow.

The children all enjoy participating in activities that stimulate the senses. We decided to make gloop and the children spent quite some time picking it up and watching it fall through their fingers. They were fascinated by the way it changed in texture.

We have had some beautiful weather this week and we have made the most of it out in the garden. The children wanted waterplay so we provided some water. They extended this by adding soil and leaves. A member of staff commented that it looked like a pond so the children decided they wanted frogs in it. We provided plastic frogs to support their play.

We made a car from a water tray and tyres. The children imagined going to the beach, shops and the park. The children really enjoyed listening to our ‘Story of the Week’, ‘Dinosaurs in the Supermarket’.

Lambing visit

We all had an amazing time with the Earth Trust watching the ewes with their lambs and the pig with her piglets. All the children were invited to stroke some of the older lambs and participated in the activities. There was straw bale climbing, ride on tractors, milking the cow and making up the sheep pens for the sheep to lay in. To finish the morning, we had hot chocolate and amazing sheep cupcakes made by Kate.

Next week

Next week we will continue the interest of using containers with various materials and see what sparks their imaginations. There will be some Easter themed activities.

The book of the week will be……. ‘Sam’s Super Stinky Socks!’

Important dates

Thursday 29th March 2018: End of term (Forest School session as normal)
Monday 16th April 2018: Start of term 5
Friday 27th April 2018: Fun Quiz Night Fundraiser

Weekly update 16th March

Week beginning 12th March 2018

Firstly, please join us for a Quiz Night, to raise money for the pre-school on Friday 27th April.
Please contact for tickets!

This Week

This week we celebrated Mother’s Day by hosting our own Mother’s Day Breakfast. The tables were set with white table cloths and flowers. The parents could choose from a selection of pastries and tea or coffee. It was great to see so many people attend. Thank you to everyone who came and also donated. The money will go towards new play equipment for the children.

The rest of the week has been very busy with the children showing interest in ‘light and dark’. We used coloured plastic blocks and shone the torches through them to see the colours. This progressed onto making a den so they could use the torches in a darker environment.

The children have been busy exploring patterns using a variety of objects and placing them in paint. They made patterns on paper with objects such as cars, cotton reals and sponges. We encouraged the children to look for their own objects to see what patterns they could make with them.

The children have explored the outdoor space this week and had great fun playing in the wind. We got out the large coloured scarves and used them as kites and watched as they floated about in the wind.

Some of the children experimented with cars, tubes and pipes. They guessed whether different sized cars would fit in the tube and if they didn’t we talked about why they kept getting stuck.

The children really enjoyed listening to our ‘Story of the Week’, which was the story of ‘The Everywhere Bear’ and his adventure. Some children commented that it was the same as the story, ‘The Paper Dolls’. It was explained to them that the same people did write that story.

Forest School

Forest School this week was very exciting. The children found lots of worms and made cakes for them. Some children decided to do some mud painting and made ‘paint’ by mixing mud and water together.

They then went on to use the paint to paint the wooden bridge using their paint brushes. One child decided to use his trowel as a saw on a wooden trunk. He commented on the patterns it made on the wood as he moved the trowel back and forth.

Next week

Next week we will support the children in exploring what they can make using wood, hammers and nails as well as watching out for their emerging interests.

The book of the week will be…….”Dinosaurs in the Supermarket”

We are all very excited about going to see the lambing on Thursday. If you haven’t already handed in your consent slips and donations and would like your child to attend please drop it in on Monday. It is important for us to know numbers of children attending before Thursday so we can arrange for the correct number of adults to assist us.

Weekly update – 9th March

Week beginning 5th March 2018

This week:

Unfortunately, due to our ‘snow day’ last week the children were unable to partake in our ice activity which we had spontaneously set up. When we arrived on Monday, due to the milder weather our bowls of water had defrosted. The children have never the less had lots of great experiences this week. We have been busy using our imaginations to build and construct using a variety of materials. The children made up stories using the Boot Village and the wooden fairy land. This allowed them to extend and learn new vocabulary from each other.

Some children participated in cooking biscuits. We looked at the recipe and talked about how it explained what ingredients we needed and how much. The children enjoyed watching the number on the scales increase as they added each ingredient and they shouted when we had got the correct weight.

Story of the week:

This week we introduced ‘Story of the Week’. The children really engaged with the story and loved how they could interact with it. By the end of the week the children could repeat some of the key sentences and even picked up the book and independently ‘read’ the story by remembering the words.
Next week’s story will be ‘The Everywhere Bear’ by Julia Donaldson.

Forest School:

We decided to have a camp fire this week. The children learnt about the dangers of fire and how to stay safe. The children were fascinated by how Rebecca made the fire and a couple of children later went off and collected their own sticks and pretended to have their own fire. We had lots of ‘baking’ happening this week. One was making a strawberry cake for her friends’ birthday. Chris had a group of children who were making chocolate cake and put candles on it. There was some lovely balancing going on as some children walked across ‘Dorothy the Dragon’s’ back.

Next Week:

We will continue to do some cooking, as the children got very excited about participating in this activity and unfortunately, we were unable to include all the children due to time constraints.

We need you!

We are looking for volunteers for our quiz night on 27th April and also to help with the BBQ on 10th June. Both these events will be great fun to get involved in and a lovely way to get to know other parents in the preschool. Please speak to Karen or a member of the committee if you are interested in helping.

Weekly update – 2nd March

Week commencing: 26th February 2018

This Week

The week has been very exciting with lots of activities going on. We have had some great imaginative play happening with the dinosaurs and some lovely construction with the stickle bricks. At the beginning of the week the children explored the shredded paper and looked for dinosaurs hiding in it in the water tray. They used it as all sorts of things, such as cakes and just throwing it in the air and saying “it’s snowing”! As you can see from the picture there was more on the floor and children than in the tray.

On Wednesday we celebrated World Book Day and the children looked amazing in their costumes. Thank you to everyone who participated. The staff came dressed as the characters from the book, ‘Room on a Broom’. We all had a great day.

Whilst the children made obstacle courses in the garden with wooden planks some children spotted icicles hanging from the roof covering the sand pit. We talked about what they were made of and how they got to be that shape. We then extended this and decided to leave out large bowls of water with objects in, which the children collected from the garden. We were going to check on them on Friday, but of course we will now have to wait until next week.

On Thursday we decided that due to the adverse weather conditions Forest School would be cancelled. We had an indoor play session instead with the climbing frame, bikes, balancing beams, see saw and trampoline. All the children had a great time and we still had hot chocolate for snack.

Next Week

We will check on our bowls of water and see what has happened to it. The children can then explore it and use various utensils to extract the objects from the ice. The children have been making cakes from the playdough, so we thought it would be lovely for them to do some real cooking if their own.

Important dates for your diary

Thursday 22nd March – Visit to see the lambing (information & consent forms are being handed out this week)
Friday 27th April – Fun Quiz Night Fundraiser (Save the date! – details to follow)
Thursday 29th March – End of term

Weekly update – 23rd Feb

Week commencing: 19th February 2018

This week

We hope you all had a nice half term break. The children were all very enthusiastic about coming back.
We would like to welcome Katie-May this week. She is settling in well and I’m sure she will have a great time with us in preschool. We would also like to introduce you to our new staff member, Charlotte. She has fitted brilliantly into the team and will be a great asset to our preschool.

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year and exploring the culture of this country. The children have been looking at how differently the Chinese write and also the different type of food they eat.

We changed the home corner slightly to include Chinese food and utensils. The children were amused that they use chopsticks instead of knives and forks. We had coloured spaghetti play as well as rice play where the children transported it using chopsticks and spoons from containers to bowls.

Masking tape has been very popular this week. The children have been sticking it around the playroom and making spiders webs with it.

We all had a great Forest School session with lots of imaginary play. One child wanted to climb a tree so he could get a better view of the other children playing. A group of three children made ‘happy ants’. ‘TD’ said “I’ve made a slide for the ants”, ‘MJ’ said “I am making a treehouse” and ‘DL’ found a worm whilst digging in the mud with the group. A group of children helped to make a shelter by using mallets to hammer the bottom of the sheeting into the ground and then decided that the mallets made a great object to bang the pans with. They were interested in the sound it made. Chris had a group of children who decided to use their imaginations to go to the beach on the train and make sandcastles from mud. We also made paint from mud and water and painted the trees.

This week we are proud to announce that we have been awarded the ‘Millie’s Mark Award’, which is given to early years settings where all staff are qualified in paediatric first aid and who have well-deployed first aid processes.This is great news. Thank you to all the amazing staff for making this possible.

You can find out more at

Next week

Some of the children decided to be waiters and waitresses when we were in the home corner and began pretending to write the food orders using the chop sticks as pens. Next week we will extend this interest by supporting the children to look at ways of listing words, such as looking at a list of ingredients to make cakes or the names listed in the register.

The staff have also noticed that a few children are beginning to comment on rhyming words when listening to stories, so we will support this interest by introducing rhyming word games.

Wednesday 28th February: We are celebrating ‘World Book Day’ and would love the children who normally attend this session, to dress as their favourite book character. All the staff are dressing up as well. I wonder what we’ll be??

Weekly update – 9th Feb

Week commencing: 5th February 2018

This Week:

We have been exploring the concept of floating and sinking. The children looked for objects in the playroom and had to guess what they would do when they put them in water.

On Wednesday afternoon we went for a walk to the park as the weather was so lovely. The children explored the play equipment. They learnt about taking risks and learning to balance and work with each other.

Later in the week the children had great fun making monsters and creatures using clay and various materials such as lollypop sticks, googly eyes and coloured feathers.

We have also been on the bikes and tricycles in the hall, learning about spacial awareness and having fun.

The children had an amazing time at Forest School this week. When we first arrived, the children saw a tractor and large bonfire in the farmers field. They were interested in watching the smoke as it rose into the air. We talked about whether we could see the flames and how we can keep safe around fires. The children then extended this learning by deciding to be firefighters and ran around making the noise of a fire engine putting out fires with their hoses.

We also went to a ‘bear hunt’, walking through swishy swashy grass and thick gloopy mud. The children were really excited to find the bear fast asleep in his cave. Some of the children went on to give him hot chocolate and a biscuit in case he got hungry.

A couple of children commented on finding ice in a log. We talked about why it hadn’t melted and what makes ice melt.

We would like to say a big thank you to the parents who supported us on our walk to and from Forest School this week.

Would you like to see what we do and the fun we have out in the fresh air? Maybe you would like to offer your help walking the children down to Forest School or back. Maybe you would like to stay for a Forest School session? Please speak to a member of staff for more details.

Next Week:

Half Term!

Weekly update – 2nd Feb

Week commencing: 29th January 2018

This Week

We have been exploring the ocean. This followed on from our exploration in the pasta/rice and glitter where the children used their imaginations to create an ocean for their sea creatures to swim about in. We used water, stones and sea shells as our under the sea and the children had a great time imagining their creatures swimming about in it. Some children thought the stones made great treasure. A nice link into pirates maybe for next week.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the large cardboard boxes that we bought in. We have made boats, cars, shelters and beds to lay in. We have used pens to create additions such as windows and doors as well as a great media for mark making. Some children have been showing an interest in magnets, so we have been exploring how they work and looking around the playroom looking for objects that attract and repel.

The children had a great time exploring the flour and sequins, pouring it into containers and using the diggers to transport it from one end of the tray to the other.

The children had a wonderful morning at Forest School in the sunshine. There was lots of imaginative play going on. We had a lovely cake made from mud. One child went fishing for fish to make fish fingers. Whilst we were there some of the children made bird feeders using fir cones and covered them in a mixture of bird seed and lard. We hung them on the trees.

When we were sat drinking our hot chocolate we watched our resident Robins investigate the seed we had left for them in a tray.

We would like to say a big thank you to the parents who supported us on our walk to and from Forest School this week.

Would you like to see what we do and the fun we have out in the fresh air? Maybe you would like to offer your help walking the children down to Forest School or back. Maybe you would like to stay for a Forest School session? Please speak to a member of staff for more details.

Next Week

We will be carrying on the ideas of treasure, boats and pirates. We will make a treasure map and the children will look for clues.

Weekly update – 25th Jan

Week commencing: 22nd January 2018

This Week

We have enjoyed continuing to follow the interests of the children. We have used the plastic bottles that were kindly bought in as skittles. They were decorated and the children looked for stones to weigh them down. This sparked an interest in the patterns, sizes and shapes of them so we will be looking at this as an extended activity next week.

We took the ride on bikes out in the garden, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

As an alternative to using water in the water tray we used dried pasta, rice and glitter. The children explored the textures and poured it into a variety of containers, making it into cakes, cups of tea etc. It was a very popular activity.

forest school

The children explored items in the tray. They felt their textures and discovered new ways of using them. They looked at threading ribbon through the holes in the masher and candle holders.

Thank you for all the lovely baby and family pictures that have been sent in so far. We are continuing to create a ‘Life Book’ with each child, so please could you bring in photos of their family, pets, favourite toy etc. The books would then be kept where children could freely look at them and talk with their friends about them. This is a great way to support children to understand how they are the same, but different from one another.

The children had a wonderful morning at Forest School in the sunshine. They went bug hunting and created a den with tree branches. Some children made ‘mud’ paint and painted the tree trunks.

tray of toys

We would like to say a big thank you to the parents who supported us on our walk to and from Forest School this week.

Would you like to see what we do and the fun we have out in the fresh air? Maybe you would like to offer your help walking the children down to Forest School or back. Maybe you would like to stay for a Forest School session? Please speak to a member of staff for more details.

Next Week

The children decided to place sea creatures in the pasta/rice/glitter mix in the water tray so we will be supporting this interest and making an ‘ocean’ using coloured water and other materials.

The children have really enjoyed the new role-play area and they have been making picnics using the teddy bears and play food. We will extend this and make porridge as the children commented on using three bears in their play and introducing the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have of course also been using oats in the water tray this week so we will link the oats to the porridge.